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    The New Generation in Intelligent 3D Detailing – XSteel

    Tekla XSteel is a 3D structural modeling system for detailing structural and miscellaneous steel. By using Tekla Xsteel the detailer creates a complete model of the steel structure including all the relevant information required for fabrication and erection. The model includes the structure’s geometry, dimensions, member properties, connection types and materials.

    All drawings, material lists and bolt lists are produced automatically from the model together with data for CNC machines. The model of the structure is created by the detailer who specifies the layout of the structural elements and associated connections. All elements within the product model – beams, columns, plates and bolts are intelligent objects. For example, when the size of the beam is altered, dimensions of adjoining connections change accordingly. If the height of the building is altered, Tekla Structures will generate updated drawings and material lists.

    The interactive ‘true’ 3D approach of Tekla XSteel enables the model to be easily revised with instant on-screen display of changes to the model and associated connections.

    The Benefit of 3D Drawings
    The use of 3D drawings has an enormous benefit to the personnel who uses them. The instant visualization leaves nothing to be questioned when fabricating and erecting. Our automated drawing production allows for quick revisions in which all lists and connected drawings for the entire project will be automatically updated.

    We provide detailing packages that includes:

    Detail drawings
    3D Erection drawings
    Material lists for all parts and members
    Bolt lists
    Weight take-offs
    Area take-offs
    Complete cut lists for all items